Golden Bean Coffee Awards

Great Taste 2018

In 2018, three coffees from the Gold Bean Roastery roastery won the world’s most recognized food award, the Great Taste Awards. Ethiopia’s coffee won two stars, which ranked it among the top 30 coffees in the competition, and the best-selling coffee blends, Emilia and Romeo, received one star.

Product evaluation

A 500-member expert jury composed of gastro critics, chefs, restaurateurs, food producers, and simply experts in each award-winning category evaluates over 12,000 products using blind tastings. Each product is tasting by a group of experts. Based on the tasting, each product is given a written rating, which is very very useful for the manufacturer and, in the case of excellent products, awarded one star, or in the case of exceptional products, progress to another even stricter rating round for a possible 2 or 3 star rating.

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Awarded products in 2018

Emília and Romeo coffee blends, which are most popular in restaurants, cafes, but also in home coffee machines, have won the one-star award. We are very pleased that the coffees that our customers like the most were also appreciated by gourmet experts:

Gold Bean Coffee – Emilia – 100% arabica blend: Pleasant bitterness, which at the beginning overlaps the fruit and the butter delicacy that accompanies it. A very pleasant feeling in the mouth, which brings excellent balance, passing into a sweet syrup finish.

Gold Bean Coffee – Romeo – 95% arabica and 15% robusta blend: Slightly darker roasting. Gentle pleasant hint of fruit on the background, hints of citrus. The volcanic hazelnut flavor dominates, the grains are distinct in taste, but not too much.

Gold Bean Coffee – Ethiopia – 100% arabica single origin, which thanks to its fruity profile is a gourmet coffee, it received two stars with a rating: Rich mottled foam. A strong floral hint in the taste, supported by the taste of blueberries and plums. In the finale, freshness appears, which turns into significant acidity. The jurors evaluated it as excellent coffee.

Awarded products in 2019

In 2019, we received 7 Great Taste awards. The two-star award got our favorite single origin coffee Cuba and 1 star were awarded to Maria and Oliver coffee blends and coffee from Brazil, Colombia “Winning”, Costa Rica and Ethiopia won this time in the filtered coffee category.

Awarded products in 2020

In 2020, we multiplied the awards. For the first time, we participated in the Italian food competition International Taste Awards and received evaluations from Italian experts. We won 1 gold, 5 silver and 7 bronze medals. Maria won the gold medal. The silver medal went to blend Otello, single origin coffees from Brazil, Colombia “Dignified”, Indonesia and Cuba. The bronze medal was won by blends Olivia, Oliver, Romeo, Smrtak and coffee originating in Costa Rica, Guatemala, India. Maria was awarded a gold medal in the coffee category with the highest rating, so she won the jury prize and became the winning coffee of the year in this competition.

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This year we also won the prestigious Great Taste Awards. The two stars were awarded to Ethiopia, Guatemala and Rwanda coffees, and one star was awarded to Aurélia, a capsule coffee for Nespresso® coffee machines.

Awarded products in 2021

In 2021 was the gold medal won by Mária, Emília and India coffee in the International Coffee Tasting competition in Italy and 2 stars award for Jamaica coffee in Great Taste Awards in London.

A small roastery with professional facilities

The award for our coffees was also pleased with our suppliers, an Italian company with a 75-year tradition of coffee quality assessment experts who have certificates from the Speciality Coffee Association for lifetime contribution to the coffee world. They select the best coffee beans from farmers for us and provide laboratory tests of the health safety of coffee beans.

Quality coffee craft roasters

Although our landscapes are not known in the world as leading coffee countries, we have a growing trend of local roasters, which can rank among the most successful roasters in the world through an honest selection of quality coffee beans and precise roasting. Success is mainly due to customers who are willing to pay more for quality, tasty and especially freshly roasted coffee. Thanks to this, roasters can buy more expensive, sorted and tasters highly rated coffee beans, for which even farmers receive a higher purchase price.