Gold Bean Coffee – Colombia – “DIGNIFIED”

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Gold Bean Coffee – Dignified Colombia – What could be better than good coffee that creates good value? On an area of 56 hectares, there are 21 farms owned by women and producing coffee of two varieties. They employ only women and focus, among other things, on better living conditions and the development of collection children. Coffee has a good body with an optimal mouthfeel. Intense tones of red orange are accompanied by tones of walnuts and almonds, in a persistent aftertaste characterized by a delicate but strong aroma of grapefruit.

Awards: Winner of silver medal at the International Taste Awards 2020 in the espresso category.

Origin: Dignified Colombia is a coffee of origin, it comes from a women’s project of 21 farmers in the Huila area of Colombia. The coffees originating from Gold Bean are selected by quality experts and tasters, which is why we obtain the most interesting coffees from exceptional coffee countries and regions. Farmers get paid more for such exceptional quality than is usual through Fairtrade.

Roasting: level 3, espresso roasting curve (1 – light, 2 light / medium, 3 – medium, 4 – medium, 5 – medium / dark, 6 – dark)

Processing: wet method

Use: espresso

Grinding: medium / medium hard beans

Our experience: Coffee Gold Bean- Dignified Colombia is a very varied, slightly fruity coffee with a pleasant nutty aftertaste.

Good advice: The best way to enjoy every coffee is to grind it properly. Coffee Dignified Colombia requires medium-fine grinding, on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 finest, 10 coarsest) about grade 3-4, depending on the type of grinder and its wear. In espresso machines, we recommend setting the grinder to the finest grind and only use a coarser grind level if the coffee is flowing slowly. It is best to enjoy freshly roasted coffee beans – preferably 2 weeks to two months after roasting (depending on the storage of raw and roasted coffee, when storing raw coffee in a vacuum from the farm to the roaster and proper packaging after roasting, even roasted coffee can maintain freshness for several months). You can find more about proper coffee preparation on our website Coffee Advice.

Chuťový profil:

Fruitiness: ● ○○

Sweetness: ●● ○

Bitterness: ●● ○

Aroma: ●● ○

Intensity: ●● ○

After taste: ●● ○

Coffeine: ●● ○

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Fruity, Sweet


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