Goldesso Capsules for Nespresso® – Victoria (100% arabica, capsule made of biodegradable plastic)


Capsule coffee for Nespresso® Victoria is a varied fruity taste, with subtle tones of nuts and chocolate. Enjoy a pleasant coffee roasted in Slovakia in a capsule coffee machine. The capsule is made of biodegradable – compostable plastic.

Origin: Victoria coffee is a rich blend of up to 13 coffees originating, 100% arabica. Each Golden Grain mixture is the resulting harmony of the flavors of the coffee of which it is composed and is mixed according to human tastes. The Golden Grain mixtures are mixed by Italian experts in laboratories directly in the port. They are mixed from different sources so that they have the same final taste every month, every year.

Roasting: level 4 (1 – very light, 2 – light, 3 light / medium, 4 – medium, 5 – medium, 6 – medium / dark, 7 – dark, 8 – very dark), espresso roasting curve, more information about roasting

Use: capsules for nespresso

Waste sorting: The capsule is biodegradable, can be composted or disposed of in organic waste. However, it is necessary to separate the aluminum membrane, which belongs to the plastics. We used the aluminum membrane for quality preparation in all coffee machines.

Package: 10/50/100 pcs

Our experience: Capsule coffee for Nespresso® Victoria is a delicious nutty coffee.

Good advice: Capsule coffee gives you the ease of making espresso. The best way to enjoy your coffee is to prepare it from freshly ground beans. Every coffee bean is best enjoyed if the coffee beans are freshly roasted – preferably 2 weeks to two months after roasting (depending on the storage of raw and roasted coffee, when storing raw coffee in a vacuum from the farm to the roaster and proper packaging after roasting coffee to retain freshness for several months). You can find more about proper coffee preparation on our Coffee Advice page. If you would like to learn more about coffee, you can visit our Coffee University.

Taste profile:

Fruitiness: ● ○○

Balance: ●● ○

Hotness: ● ○○

Aroma: ●● ○

Intensity: ●● ○

Aftertaste: ●● ○

Caffeine: ●● ○