Goldesso Capsules for Nespresso® – Aurélia (100% arabica) – biodegradable capsules

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Aurélia capsules for Nespresso are pleasant chocolate flavors, 100% arabica originating in Brazil. Enjoy a pleasant Brazil coffee roasted in a craft roaster in the Nespresso® capsule coffee machine.

Awards: Winner of 1 star at the Great Taste Awards (UK) 2020 in the capsules category.

Origin: Aurélia coffee is coffee originating in Brazil, 100% arabica. Every coffee from Gold Bean Roasters has a clear origin in a particular country, a particular mountain range, from a particular farmer. The coffee can change its taste slightly every year, as it is mainly influenced by the weather in the growing year.

Roasting: level 4, espresso roasting curve (1 – light, 2 light / medium, 3 – medium, 4 – medium, 5 – medium / dark, 6 – dark)

Usage: capsules for Nespresso

Packaging: 12, 50, 100 pcs

Our experience: Aurélia capsules for Nespresso are a pleasant espresso coffee with a distinctive chocolate flavor.

Good advice: Capsule coffee gives you the ease of making espresso. The best way to enjoy your coffee is to make it from freshly ground beans. Every coffee bean is best enjoyed when freshly roasted coffee beans – preferably 2 weeks to two months after roasting (depending on the storage of raw and roasted coffee, when storing raw coffee in a vacuum from the farm to the roaster and correctly packed after roasting can also roasted coffee keep fresh for several months). For more information on how to make coffee, visit our Coffee Advice page.

Taste profile:

Fruit: ● ○○

Balance: ●● ○

Bitterness: ●● ○

Aroma: ●● ○

Intensity: ●● ○

Aftertaste: ●● ○

Caffeine: ●● ○

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Taste profile

Bitter, Very bitter


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