Personalized coffee

“Say it with coffee”

Coffee with your own name or dedication

We are a craft roastery and we prepare every package of coffee by hand. We can make any of our coffees according to your ideas. When ordering coffee, you can choose your own coffee name and get an original gift.

How to do it? You choose your coffee and when you put it in the basket, you enter the size of the package, beans or ground, and you can also enter your name, which we will print on the front label. You can use 1-20 characters, as well as a symbol ❤.

We believe that this service will please you. We produce labels every day, so we roast coffee, so an order for fresh coffee with its own label will be sent as a standard order within 24 hours.

Coffee with a ready-made motif

If you like one of the pre-prepared motifs, please enter the relevant motif code (eg EN01) when adding the coffee of your choice to the basket in the field for your own coffee name. We are constantly preparing new themes for you, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where it is possible to give a tip on a new theme.

Red heartHeart coffee beansOwl coffee beans

Coffee with your own logo

If you are interested in coffee with your own logo at the top of the label, please contact us by email at, the label will contain the Gold Bean Roasters logo at the bottom and the top logo as well as the coffee name you can personalize according to your requirements.